July 30, 2020

Fargo Civic Center

At TEDxFargo, we give you permission to make the Fargo Civic Center and downtown Fargo your playground for the day. You can start your week or your day with optional adventures that will give you a new way of thinking about and experiencing your community. Inside the Fargo Civic Center, you’ll find experiences that include locally roasted coffee, an infusion of arts, and speakers sharing ideas worth spreading. For lunch, local chefs will delight you with a fresh, hand-crafted meal to be shared with friends old and new. After a full day of ideas and experiences, we invite you to continue exploring our community and thinking about how to move those ideas to action.

TEDxFargo 2020: PLUS

Plus. Addition. Yes and.

These are all words that help us build ideas, foster effective communication, and encourage the free sharing of ideas. It’s an invitation to continue the conversation and create something innovative. Not only do we want you to consider ways you can add value – we also want you to consider these four words that make PLUS an acronym.

Play. Love. Unlock. Sustain.

Our team is committed to taking what we have in the Fargo area and adding to it. We believe if you increase the amount of play in our community, help more people feel loved and supported, unlock more potential ideas and opportunities, and if we take a long term view and help our community, earth and people sustain themselves – we would improve our region.

We look forward to seeing you at TEDxFargo 2020:PLUS on July 30th.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us by emailing info@tedxfargo.com or messaging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Check back in the spring of 2020 for more information about event day!

In the meantime – view this video to get a glimpse into the TEDxFargo experience.