TEDxFargo 2018: forth

July 26, 2018

Fargo Civic Center

TEDxFargo 2018: forth is coming to our community on July 26th, 2018! We’re expecting nearly 2000 people in the room to help share and activate these ideas of going forth.

Check back soon for an update on 2018!

Our Goal

TEDxFargo’s goal is to be the TEDx event in the world best known for going forth and activating ideas in our community – to do that, we need you to join us. Will you be part of the watch parties, the discussions, and sharing the videos online when they’re published?

2017 Event Recap: We made the Fargo Civic Center and downtown Fargo our playground for the day. Some attendees started the day with optional morning adventures to give them a new way of thinking about and experiencing their community. Inside the Fargo Civic Center, the team hosted a world-class event with opportunities to experience locally roasted coffee, an infusion of arts, and 24 speakers sharing ideas worth spreading. For lunch, local growers and chefs delighted the audience with a fresh, hand-crafted meal shared with friends old and new. After this full day of ideas and experiences, we invite you to continue exploring our community and thinking about how to move those ideas to action.