TEDxFargo 2017: for

The TEDxFargo team crafted the eighth TEDxFargo event in our community – held on July 27, 2017. It was a day full of ideas and experiences, bringing another world-class event to our community. From the stage, attendees heard 24 national and global thought leaders who shared ideas worth spreading to help solve challenges and create possibilities. The TEDxFargo curation team asked the attendees to try on many ideas during the day to see what stuck, what resonated, and what ideas you want to help move into action. We want to be solutions-oriented, believing that ideas can help solve challenges and create possibilities. So, we’re asked, “What are you for?”

Our Goal

Now comes the even bigger challenge than hosting 2000 people for a day. Putting the ideas into action! TEDxFargo’s goal is to be the TEDx event in the world best known for activating ideas in our community – to do that, we need you to join us. We’ve got some fun ways to put these ideas into action up our sleeves. We hope you’ll count yourself in for viewing parties, discussions, and sharing the talks as they are published online.

July 27, 2017

Fargo Civic Center